Being this the iPhone 7 "Jet White"?

Behind rumors that Apple will release the iPhone 7 with a new color variant. Later, not only there are Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black, and Jet Black.

Now, iPhone 7 new faces appeared on the internet. An activist of technology and Apple fanboy, Sonny Dickson, exhibited through a video on his personal Twitter account, @SonnyDickson.

Referring to the video duration of 6 seconds, looked iPhone 7 clad in white on his body. The material looks shiny glossy alias, the same as the variant Jet Black.
Being this the iPhone 7 "Jet White"?

Apple was reluctant to confirm it. Clearly, the news about the presence of the iPhone 7 Jet White had been there since last November. The information originally came from iPhone parts suppliers were reluctant when his identity was revealed.

By 2017, the issue about the iPhone getting a lot of scrolling. In addition to the presence of 7 Jet White iPhone, Apple also touted being set up iPhone 7s.

The complementary lines predicted mematrikan dual camera design vertical (down), not horizontally (sideways) like the iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple is also expected will release the latest flagship, the iPhone 8. The phone is said to be carrying the design on his body wrapped in glass.

All leaks that can not be trusted 100 percent until the time of release arrived. We'll wait.
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