Hidden Lagoon in Raja Ampat

Hidden Lagoon in Raja Ampat
The sun began to sting when the tour guide called me and friends who were snorkeling in the waters Piaynemo, Raja Ampat, West Papua, late last October. Rio, the guide, takes us move. "Let's go to the Island Rufas," he half-shouted.

No fuss, we - the tour participants Let's Go to Raja Ampat held Pelni - swim to the outboard waiting not far. Leaving the beautiful corals and schools of fish he'd been bewitched the eyes, which makes us linger at them.

After releasing the snorkeling equipment and all sitting calm on the boat, two boat motors powered 400 PK brings us. Bruuumm .... The boat's engine broke the dark blue sea.

From Piaynemo, the driver steered the boat toward the east, dividing the sea that day was tolerable quiet. Not far from where had departed, a small island in sight. This is our goal, Rufas Island. When it was close, dipelankan engine speed.

Helmsman and steer a boat down the white limestone walls towering on the edge of the island. Among the karst wall, a distance of about 4 meters gap stretches. Like entrance, a gap this karst be the only hole wall surrounding karst Rufas Island. The boat I was riding turned in.

Once inside, the flow suddenly quiet. Color of the water is also younger, be turquoise with white gradation. Apparently, there is a lagoon on the island Rufas the size of a football field surrounded by rock walls before we pass. Mangrove trees that grow in the karst hills overshadow the edge, add a beautiful atmosphere.

Across the entrance earlier, a sago leaf roofed wooden hut standing on the lip of the lagoon. In front of him, parked two timber ships. In one corner, three boys who were floats with huge tires looked at our new entry.

Serenity and clarity of the water makes some people involved can not wait for plunging. After the boat docked to a small pier, rush them to join the three boys had been dropped into the water. The other, choosing lying on floaties, buoy-shaped mat. Rufas relax while enjoying the beauty and calm water.
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