5 Benefits of Japanese Food Good For Health

5 Benefits of Japanese Food Good For Health - Good news for lovers of various types of Japanese food. Apparently, not only tasty and fresh, Japanese-style meals also offer benefits that are not less lucrative.

The benefits of Japanese food comes from grain that is rich in vegetables and seafood are certainly rich in vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Not only that, it turns out the way the presentation of Japanese food can also affect your diet. The following are the various benefits of Japanese food interesting for you to know.
5 Benefits of Japanese Food Good For Health

Lowers Risk of Obesity

Do you know? Apparently Japan is a country with an obesity rate that is very low compared with other developed countries. The secret is in the presentation of foods with a low calorie content and a healthy lifestyle that they live. The average Japanese people consume calories to 25% lower than the US, the nutrients remain unfulfilled. To replace the calories are reduced, you can eat foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Lose weight

If you want to lose weight, eating Japanese food and follow the way of presentation may be able to help you. Japanese food is generally served in small plates or bowls. It can affect a person's eating. Because according to a study, to eat using plates or larger bowl can make a person to eat more. Also, avoid adding mayonnaise and cream cheese on your choice of Japanese food. The calories contained in the Japanese food like sushi, including quite low. For example, one portion of california roll has 380 calories, and a serving of vegetables roll has 330 calories. In fact, one serving contains only 170 calories sashimi.

Vitamin and Mineral Needs Fulfilled

Japanese food is generally dominated by vegetables, fish, soy, and rice. That certainly these materials are rich in vitamins and minerals. For example, soybean, Japanese cuisine uses a lot of processed soybeans. Ranging from sauces to processed foods such as tofu. The protein contained in soybean is rich in isoflavones, estrogen-like substance that is associated with the prevention of osteoporosis and cancer. Meanwhile, fish such as mackerel, tuna, sardines, salmon and herring are a source of omega 3 fatty acids which is very nice.

Keeping Heart Health

In addition, the protein contained in soy is also believed good for heart health. Because, in addition to high-protein, soy contains no saturated fat. As well as various types of fish commonly used in Japanese cuisine.

Also vitamins from fruit Fulfilled

If you really follow the diet of the Japanese, they have a special dessert which is always consumed. The Japanese always use a piece of fresh fruit as dish lid. So, by eating the fruit it needs vitamins from fruits will be fulfilled.

Rows of Japanese food benefits of the above will make you more tempted to eat it, do not you? Let's enter the Japanese food into your diet, so that the nutrients your body awake.
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