Caring for Contact Lens Used To Stay Safe

Caring for Contact Lens Used To Stay Safe - You want a clear vision as well show off your beautiful eyes? Contact lenses are the answer. But be careful, if not treated properly, it can adversely affect your eyes.

Contact lenses is one of the most useful invention in the world. Serves as a substitute for glasses, contact lenses can help us in a variety of activities without worrying about glasses that may be at risk of scratches, cracked, broken, or missing. In addition to helping us see more clearly, contact lenses do not interfere with performance.

Although it has many advantages, in terms of care, contact lenses require more attention than the glasses, to keep hygienic and do not cause health problems such as eye infections.
Caring for Contact Lens Used To Stay Safe

Steps Prevent Eye Infection

Actually wearing contact lenses might increase the risk of corneal infection. This happens because contact lenses reduces the amount of oxygen to the cornea. While you can not completely avoided. You can prevent eye infections in the following ways.

  • Always wash and dry your hands before inserting or removing your contact lenses.
  • Remove contact lenses before showering or swimming. Try to keep your contact lenses are not exposed to water.
  • Try to always remove contact lenses before sleeping. Even if you use a lens that can be used for a certain period and is designed to be used while sleeping, it is not advisable to wear contact lenses continuously. When we close our eyes with contact lenses that remain in the eye, the amount of oxygen to the eye becomes thinner. This causes the surface of the eye becomes prone to infection. In addition, the germs on the lens will stick to the cornea during sleep.
  • Use the special cleaning fluids suggested by your doctor or pharmacy to clean and soak your contact lens. Do not use water or other liquids, because the sea water, pool water, even distilled water once, can contain Acanthamoeba organisms that can cause eye infections.
  • Always dispose of cleaning fluid has been used. Do not reuse the liquid is used.
  • Gently rub your contact lenses when cleaning using cleaning fluid. Be careful that you do not tear it.
  • Note the expiry date of your contact lenses and immediately dispose of contact lenses that have expired.
  • Clean every day and change the contact lens storage boxes once a month in order to remain guaranteed cleanliness.

If you wear disposable contact lenses, you do not need to clean it because the lens is not designed for reuse. Never use disposable contact lenses more than a day because of the ability to kill germs that cause infection owned disposable contact lenses would be lost in a single use.

Disease Risk Arising Due Kotor Contact Lenses

If used correctly, contact lenses are actually very safe. But the possibility of infection of the eye due to contact lenses should always be wary of. Germs exist everywhere, in the hands, eyelids, and when microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi to stick in your contact lenses, the eye was at risk of infection.

Disinfectant substances contained in the contact lens cleaning solutions are not always 100 percent effective in killing fungi and bacteria. In addition to fungal and bacterial infections, using contact lenses is also the risk of triggering irritation to the eyes, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis and corneal abrasion.

If your eyes feel irritated, constantly excreting, swelling, pain and tenderness, red, impaired vision, or sensitivity to light, then immediately meet the eye doctor.
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