Avoid Dangerous Diet Type Four It

Avoid Dangerous Diet Type Four It
Own Light House Indonesia, Grace Judio Kahl, said there are four types of diets are dangerous. First, extreme diet, which is to change your diet into one day without regard to sugar in the body.

In fact, he said, a person needs to eat three times a day. Consequently, there is hypoglycemia or decrease in blood sugar levels who display symptoms, such as dizziness, staggering, and postural hypotension (low blood pressure due to changes in body position).

"For people who already have a stomach ulcer, it is harmful for the body to digest the stomach wall itself," Grace said, when met at his office in Jalan Wolter Monginsidi, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Thursday.

He said the extreme diet is also done with only eating one type of food throughout the day, like diet chocolate, diet ice cream, diet certain fruits, or a baby food diet. "Usually people imitate celebrities the world." In fact, he said, the body needs food and drink intake varied.

Second, diet without protein, such as a pure vegetarian or raw food eaters. He said the body still need protein from animal and vegetable sources as well as cooked food. Because the lack of protein can lead to skin does not shine, cracked, mouth sores, hair loss, and menstrual disorders.

The third type of diet is dangerous is that restricting carbohydrates. According to him, the body still needs carbohydrate intake to 50-60 percent of the daily routine needs. "Just two small bowls of rice every day for those who want to lose weight," he said.

The fourth is a diet without salt. Grace says this diet to lose weight fast but dangerous because it causes dehydration, convulsions, heart rhythm disorders, as well as the cessation of heartbeat. "Due to lack of electrolytes," said winning a master's degree from Tubingen, Germany, this.

Grace added, no fat diet is harmful. "Good fats should be eaten. Otherwise HDL (high density lipoprotein) cholesterol gets low. It is important for the body. "He said fat can be obtained from eating foods that contain omega-3 (fish in the sea) and omega 9 (olive oil and avocados).

Grace stated slimming drugs that suppress appetite and inhibit fat intake can be consumed as long as it has received permission from the Food and Drug Administration and the Agency for Food and Drug Administration USA.
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