Not Forever Running Distance Beneficial For Health

Not Forever Running Distance Beneficial For Health - Running is a free sports activities that can be relied upon to burn more calories and can be done anywhere. Event distance running is also increasingly popular with urbanites because it is believed to increase bone density and protect against osteoporosis. However, it should be noted that based on research, long-distance runners prone to suffer from injury.

Indeed run sport has long been associated with a variety of health benefits, but the long-distance running as well as running a marathon, it is not necessarily beneficial to health. Long preparation time, discipline, and commitment it takes to follow in fact run a marathon, a factor which can sometimes end tragically for a perpetrator ran away history.
Not Forever Running Distance Beneficial For Health

There are two obstacles that are faced by a long distance runner, namely:

Distance running a high risk of injury and heart attack

This fact is usually experienced by long-distance runners beginners. The effects of extreme exercise, especially running a marathon, can make the body more healthy and resistant to diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. But on the other hand, makes the runner susceptible to injury pain becomes knee and leg fractures. Not to mention, make it a higher risk of allergies and asthma attacks.

The study also found five cases of deaths and six cases of resuscitation for heart failure who attack experienced runners. It is estimated that less than one third of cases of heart failure disease attack while long-distance runner at the finish line and the rest happens at a distance of 10-42 kilometers.

Distance running risky shorten life?

Is it true that the claims about the number and frequency of distance run more potentially reduce the life span of a long distance runner? Recent research shows that long-distance runners tend to have a shorter life span than the short or medium distance runners. However, this study can not explain the cause in more detail.

In response to this, the researcher recommends avoiding strenuous exercise for over an hour nonstop. Strive also to do a small run (jog) with a slow to medium tempo approximately 2-3 hours per week.

Follow this advice before Doing Running Distance

To avoid injury, start with about five minutes warming movement, such as walking in place, brisk walking, lifting each knee alternately, walking sideways or up and down stairs without haste. After heating is complete, a short break and long-distance running is ready to proceed. But despite the physical is ready and the mind is focused, it is recommended to initiate long distance running and road running slowly interspersed in advance, while increasing the speed and mileage gradually.

Additionally, you can also do interval training to improve running speed. Interval training focuses on high intensity exercise interspersed with low intensity exercise. In other words, a quick run interspersed with running slowly. Do not force to run long distances if body condition is not allowed. If this occurs, consult your doctor before you start doing long distance running.
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