Likes Alone, Try Checks 3 This Personality Disorders

Likes Alone, Try Checks 3 This Personality Disorders - Someone who likes to be alone is often associated with an introverted figure. However, not only introvert, some other personality disorders also have a personality characterized reclusive.

Someone who is often seen alone will usually labeled as being introverted. This is because, for those who are introverted, a sense of comfort and strength when you're alone will be more perceived than when in the midst of the social environment. With aloof, they could be more productive in thinking about everything that is in their minds to reflect on themselves.

However, not always someone who likes to be alone is an introvert person. Some people are happy to be alone could have had a personality disorder. To understand it, following some personality disorders loner.
Likes Alone, Try Checks 3 This Personality Disorders


Schizoid personality disorder have limited emotional expression, especially when communicating with someone. Someone who experienced schizoid tend to not want to establish a relationship of intimacy and closeness with others, including the relationship with the family. Therefore, they tend to seek jobs that do not require social interaction is consistent with others. Personal experience schizoid also be indifferent to criticism and praise expressed by others. They prefer to be alone and likes a variety of activities that do not involve others. Therefore it is not surprising that someone who is experiencing schizoid personality disorder have few friends.


Those with a schizotypal disorder had abnormalities in the way of thinking. They also have a strange behavior and had a way of speaking that is unnatural, such as interpreting events, facts and events in the outside world that have specific meanings and unusual for him. Other signs are owned by people with schizotypal are they happy to be alone and have difficulty in establishing close relationships with people outside the immediate family.

Evade Personality Disorders

While in the social environment, those having a personality disorder will avoid things that may bring criticism, including rejection or disapproval. They will be afraid to talk because they are afraid of what they say is wrong. They find themselves unwelcome in the social environment so that they have a low level of confidence and chose to isolate themselves or aloof.

Each person, they need time to be alone. However, the habit of solitude because it avoids the social interaction with the surrounding environment to watch. The desire for solitude is something that is fair for us not to drag in it. If you aloof habits to avoid social interaction, you may experience a certain personality disorder or a symptom of depression. For this reason, if you run the things mentioned above, consult with a psychologist about your solitary habits in order to get further treatment.
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