5 Ways to Maximize the Walking Feet Let It Slim

If you again talk about business slimming fast, usually we immediately thought to do a heavy exercise that is very draining. But never did you think that by maximizing daily activities such as walking can really help to lose weight more effectively?

Yups, walking if maximized can be very helpful to lose weight, you know. The body becomes slimmer and healthier. Here are five ways you can try to maximize your walking activities every day. Let's find out!
5 Ways to Maximize the Walking Feet Let It Slim

1. Walking 20 Minutes After Eating

Launched from femina.in, walking 15-20 minutes after eating can help blood sugar levels remain stable compared to walking 45 minutes a day. In other words, try to take 20 minutes to walk three times a day to maintain health. So do not have to walk a full hour at a time, mending "installment" 20 minutes but three times a day.

2. Balance with enough Drinking Water

Consuming more water is believed to speed up the process of losing weight. Consuming 1.5 liters of water per day is believed to burn 17,400 calories a year. See your walking path with enough water consumption as well, yes.

3. Expand the Road on a Ramp

It would make more tired, but the road on the hill can strengthen the muscles of the body. In addition, the rate of body metabolism will also increase which certainly can greatly help the process to lose weight. But do not have to force yourself to choose the road with a steep incline, start with a path that is easy to go through and then just choose a path with a more difficult level of climb.

4. Combine with Bodyweight Exercise

When combined with bodyweight exercise, walking activity will provide greater benefits. For example, doing 15-20 squats or push-ups on the sidelines of walking can increase heart rate and speed up the process of losing weight.

5. Avoid Sweetened Drinks

After walking and feeling thirsty, drink water only. Do not choose sugary drinks. Because beverage sweeteners will eventually cause excessive calorie buildup in the body.

That was a number of ways that you can try to maximize walking activities let me quickly slim. Immediately tried yuk. If done with a routine, surely the results are also satisfactory.
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