Stomach Cancer Symptoms Often Overlooked

Stomach Cancer Symptoms Often Overlooked
Stomach cancer may be less popular than other types of cancers, such as breast cancer or lung cancer. However,  cancer cells can grow anywhere, including in the stomach. Stomach cancer is sometimes also called gastric cancer.

This cancer is fairly rare, except when the cancer has spread to other organs and one of them is to the stomach.

Recognize some of the symptoms of the emergence of cancer cells in the stomach. Just like other types of cancer, if found early, cure rates would be higher. Here are the symptoms of stomach cancer, as quoted from

1. Indigestion

If often experience severe indigestion, then with hot or burning sensation in the stomach, it could be a sign of serious illness, including cancer. Check the condition of your doctor.

2. Pain in the abdomen

Persistent pain or an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach do not go unpunished. If the pain persist for more than one week immediately consult a physician. Conditions that may be the most common symptoms of stomach cancer.

3. Nausea and vomiting

Consumption of certain foods can make you nauseous and vomiting. However, if any consumption of any food you always nausea and vomiting, should not be ignored.

4. Diarrhea or constipation

Diarrhea and constipation are very common with anyone. However, these two conditions can also be a warning sign of cancer of the stomach due to disruption of the digestive system.

5. Flatulence

Flatulence every time after eating are common symptoms of indigestion. Beware of the possibility of cancer if there is a family history.

6. Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite suddenly, perhaps because the stomach is not good, you need to watch as the possibility of stomach problems.

7. Fatigue

Feeling very tired or weak, though not perform heavy physical labor are also common symptoms of cancer, including stomach cancer. Fatigue is often considered commonplace in everyday routine.

8. Bleeding

If until there is bleeding, this is clearly a serious problem in the stomach or abdomen. Vomiting up blood bloody stool is not a trivial problem. See a doctor immediately if you have these conditions.
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