The Proper Way to Tackle Air Pollution Indoor

The Proper Way to Tackle Air Pollution Indoor - During this time many people think that air pollution is only going outdoors. In fact, in the room was great potential for air pollution occurs. Just like the outdoors, pollution that occurred in the room helped risk causing respiratory system disorders.

You need to know that the source of air pollution in the room can be a smoke, mold from damp, pesticides, carbon monoxide, radon gas, asbestos and formaldehyde from building materials. Building materials in question can be the scent of paint, varnish, or from household cleaning fluids that essentially contain toxins.

Therefore, in order that the air in the house stays clean and healthy, make sure your home is equipped with a sufficient amount of ventilation. In addition, particles and substances which create pollution must be eliminated.
The Proper Way to Tackle Air Pollution Indoor

Pollution in Indoor Air Can Cause Asthma and Allergy

A dirty air and contain a variety of chemicals can trigger asthma. For those of you who already have asthma, you likely can aggravate the condition. Dust or mites in pillows as well as in other places in the home environment can be inhaled so make asthma more easily relapse.
In addition, the air inside the house is dirty can be associated with allergies. Animal hair scattered in the air or stuck to the carpet, fungus attached to the furniture, mold on the walls, or pollen carried from the outside air, it may cause your allergies appear again.

Unwittingly, sometimes pollution inside the home was more severe than the outdoors. The severity can reach five times higher. Impurities from the air you breathe at risk are stored in the body and irritate organs. It is these conditions that can lead to infections, lung cancer and chronic respiratory disorders such as asthma.

Use air cleaners with HEPA Filters

In order to avoid triggering asthma and allergic diseases as well as the other airway, air cleaner or air purifier can be used as an alternative to dirty air filter in the room. Choose air purifiers that use HEPA filters.
HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air is a mechanical air filter that works by forcing air to pass through a layer of filters that can capture harmful particles-particles. The particles in question are: fleas, mites, dust, pollen, cigarette smoke and even also be filtered using this tool.

HEPA filter itself is small and portable or portability. Each air filters have different sizes with different capacities. Therefore, note the amount of air that can be filtered and the large room where the appliance with a HEPA it will be placed.

The rooms were the most suitable given air purifier is the room where you spend a lot of time in it such as bedrooms.

Furthermore, a study to prove that the air with a HEPA filter can significantly reduce MRSA contamination in the isolation room patients in the hospital. MRSA is methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, the bacterium Staphylococcus that can not be eradicated with several types of antibiotics. These bacteria are probably pollute the air in the isolation room patients. In this case, the air with a HEPA filter is recommended to control the infection of the bacteria.

Tips for Choosing a Good Air Filters

If you are still confused in choosing a good air filter, here are some tips that can be followed.

Select an air filter that uses HEPA

Filter technologies that use HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) is most effective in absorbing various impurities from the air, such as animal dander, dust, pollen, and mold. Make sure the product you buy actually use and not just HEPA air purifier. Air filter with a HEPA air filter models are the most recommended by doctors.

Note the size

There are cleaning products or air filter are large in size, but there are also portable so small. When choosing a cleaner or air filter, note the size. Ensure the device is placed in the room were pretty, not overcrowded and still there was a pause in the vicinity in order to absorb the dirty air well. Select an air filter that is its capacity slightly exceeding the room where the air filter will be placed. This is to ensure that the machine is able to clean indoor air

Avoid air filter that produces ozone

So far there are manufacturers who make the air filter is designed to emit ozone. Though ozone should be avoided because it is dangerous for the body. The product is indeed filter out dust and dirt particles well. However, ozone emitted will potentially damaging to health. Some countries have officially banned the ozone generating tools on a portable air purifier for indoors.

Prioritizing which has indicators and certification antiasma and hypo-allergenic

Select an air filter is equipped with an indicator, so you know when to clean the penyaringnya or replace it. The indicator could be the lamp that lights up when it is time to clean the filter.

When buying a product the air filter, make sure the product is certified antiasma and hypo-allergenic. Such certification indicates that the air filter is actually been able to reduce and remove the causes of pollution particles or substances that cause allergies and asthma, and not just a temporary move.

After reading the above, please do not hesitate to use the air filter. Select and use air filters properly, to maintain your health and your family today and in the future.
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