5 Health Problems Faced by Female Fat

5 Health Problems Faced by Female Fat
Obesity or overweight be many triggers that cause health problems. Especially for women, you claimed to be difficult to get descent, until the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Thehealthsite quoted on Friday (01/06/2016), here are five of the risks faced by obese women. Find out and should be prevented early on.

Increase the risk of infertility

Obesity is one of the main causes that affect ovulation and fertility. At first lady often experience irregular menstrual cycles. Tempers accumulation of abdominal fat, even until the womb, thus increasing the risk of infertility.

Failure to do IVF

One of the risks with obesity who are undergoing IVF can be risky prgram fail. The success rate is claimed to be smaller than slim women. Then, you have to pay attention to proper condition before doing IVF, if the conditions are still obese.

Possible risk of miscarriage

In severe cases, obese women are also at risk of having a miscarriage. Experts say, obese women were three times as much to have a miscarriage or premature labor.

PCOS causes

Obesity can also lead to excess production of insulin which can cause irregular ovulation. This connection is moved at oemicunya infertility disorder polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Generally, PCOS experienced by many modern women who do an unhealthy lifestyle.

Cardiovascular disease

Women at risk of obesity is not merely suffering from infertility. You are also very prone to suffer from several diseases associated with impaired kardiovasikular. As with heart disease, hypertension, stroke, kidney failure, and other problems.
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